I created an new website including photography

Here we created a more friendly personable website, as well as putting more emphasis on the broader skills this firm has to offer over and above the ‘normal’ accounting services.

Janine has a lot of what could be considered high-end experience in practice and in industry and she wanted her firm’s website to reflect more of the value she can add to peoples businesses as well as the financial benefit her knowledge could bring to a smaller business. This was a point that she wanted to get across to the businesses that would not normally have access to such high level tax planning because of the costs involved.

A large part of the site is built around the open pricing policy she has, as she wanted site visitors to be put at ease with the knowledge that it was easy to work out a rough costing before getting in touch, and therefore removing the unknown cost of engaging with a professional.

A blog was built in to the site as part of the framework and social media links were added to connect with LinkedIn and Facebook as well as a Google +1 button for any visitor to engage with the firm’s blog posts.

You can view the site here www.cleartax.co.uk

Brief and plan: After listening to what the client wanted to emphasize we formulated a new look and structure for the site, then produced the new look web site as well as creating the clients portrait photograph, this was to play an important role in the new look. The aim was to create an open and personable image that is not commonly displayed online.