Tetenal (Savage) Translum diffusion for sale

Tetenal (Savage) translum diffusion

UK supplied for £79.95*

Currently special order only, if you wish to order please email me.


What is Translum?

1.47m wide x 5.48m long (approximately) US supply in imperial measurements (54in x 18ft)

Translum (or Trans-Lum) is a very effective diffusing material for creative photographic light control and is ideal for creating your own light modifiers, diffusion cones, panels and screens. It’s flexible, cuts easily and can be used to create smooth light gradients perfect for product photography. If you are familiar with Alex Koloskov and Photigy.com you would have seen Translum in use.

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What is Translum?

Tetenal (Savage) Translum diffusion: As seen on Photigy.com with Alex Koloskov

After much searching, I have sourced a supply of Tetenal (Savage) Translum diffusion material and I have it for sale in the UK.

This material is great for making your own diffuser panels to create soft controlled light especially useful for product photography. I use it to create modifiers and panels for my jewellery and other product photography and you can see how US based product photographer/lighting Guru Alex Koloskov uses it to make his modifier panels/shooting cones etc. check out his photography blog photigy.com


Manufacturers info

Here is a link to the manufacturers webpage in the US, the Translum information is at the bottom of the page.