Jewellery photography for Cornerstone jewellery

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A selection of jewellery photography recently completed for a new and exciting jewellery range by Cornerstone Jewellery. Designs created by Soweto born jeweller Nqobile Nkosi and Award-winning designer and master goldsmith Paul Spurgeon

The Cornerstone story:

CORNERSTONE project is aimed at empowering disadvantaged and marginalised people of all persuasions, primarily from the African continent.

The enterprise was founded in 2009 in Soweto South Africa by Soweto born jeweller Nqobile Nkosi and UK based goldsmith Paul Spurgeon. Their lives were poles apart and yet their hearts and minds met. The coming together of these two people firstly identified the huge need for work and dignity through gainful employment. Secondly the abundance of natural resources within this great continent that for so long had supplied the needs of the worldwide jewellery market and yet had eluded them for various reasons.

Plans were made to initiate a training/ employment programme based on giving individuals the skills, dignity and income to survive the ravages of poverty. Early in 2010 history was made! The first ever jewellery shop was opened in the township of Soweto and CORNERSTONE was born.

Cornerstone’s collection of jewellery is based on a coming together of creative ‘hearts and minds’ from the African communities fused with a European influence, thus giving our pieces a uniqueness and freshness the like of which has not been seen before.

Our Artisans will be drawn from far and wide with the express emphasis of giving sustainable life styles to those in challenged circumstances.

With the undoubted potential of its people and resources Africa has to engage and compete in the global market. With this in mind the Cornerstone brand has developed a distinct style and edge that has an appeal and relevance to all markets.

Wherever possible the materials used will be locally sourced thus eliminating unnecessary import costs and minimising environmental damage. In short the Cornerstone philosophy is “by the people for the people” whilst caring its environment.

Cornerstone jewellery photography and retouching Jewellery photography and retouching - Cornerstone

Jewellery photography and retouching - Cornerstone Jewellery photography and retouching - Cornerstone Jewellery photography and retouching - Cornerstone Silver stone set ring from the Cornerstone collection jewellery photography and retouching by The creative Image Studio


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