Website including photography

You want a new website and photography who do you ask?

I know how many hats you have to wear when you run a small business, sales, marketing, administrating, the list goes on. You know how important an online presence is and it is equally important to have a good online presence for your business.

I can create an attractive website – online ‘brochure’ for you that includes my photography so you don’t have the hassle or expense of a sourcing a photographer as well as a designer. By keeping the whole process in one place it also reduces the cost and you have one point of contact.

Creating a good impression – the web is now your company brochure

I realised that what most businesses need is a good looking, well functioning and updatable online ‘brochure’ website. It stands to reason that a better looking brochure has a more desirable effect on potential clients than something less professional looking. I wanted to offer a service that was about creating the right impression, not just creating a website.

A sensible starting point

As having a site built from scratch with a web designer/developer is an expensive business, what I offer is different. If you are not familiar with WordPress then take a look with this link, it is a worldwide, highly adaptable, flexible foundation to build great looking and well functioning websites on. Why pay again and again to ‘build’ a foundation of a website when a great one exists – by using the WordPress foundation I can produce a bespoke site for you without the cost of building the foundations, so it’s cheaper. It’s about creating great looking, original, online brochures for sensible amounts of money.

A good website

There is no ‘one thing’ that makes a good website, it is a combination of it’s parts and when assembled correctly they are greater than the sum of their parts.

Content and the visual quality of that content is a very large part of a websites success and this is where I can make a difference.

After spending time with you to understand how you want to project your businesses image online I can art direct and create the photography for your website. The aim is to showcase your business, display your products and services in their best light. Make the viewer want to consume your website.

The steps involved:

  • Discussing what you want and need from your new website
  • Forming a plan to best reach that goal
  • Capturing the imagery needed for the site’s content and structure, Photography, illustration, logos etc all provided by tcistudio
  • Developing the site style and structure to create your online business website ‘brochure’. Including sensible and focused ‘On page SEO’ (The first step to a good organic searchable site).
  • Hosting the site*
  • *Yearly subscription fees apply
Please Contact me Andy McLaughlin, to discuss your requirements or if you have any questions about what I offer.