Graphic Arts & Illustration

Illustration for editorial and advertising

I specialise in producing illustrations and graphic artwork with a technical edge. graphic artist

My artwork has been published in Corporate reports, editorial, features, magazines, Advertising, National Press and manufacturing. I have a specific portfolio containing a large selection of my graphic art and illustration at

Artwork can be created to add elements to existing images like the Nikon fisheye lens example below where the image of the lens did not exist, or section away information from an image like the lens cutaway x-section illustration below.


Illustration and graphic art examples

Formula 1 Graphic Art for News International iPad magazine cover created by Andy McLaughlin


cross section illustration of a Nikon lens by Andy McLaughlin

illustration of Nikon fisheye lens with 3d wireframe showing the construction of the illustration part of the image andy mclaughlin


Projects can combine photography and traditional illustration as well as content from 3D applications to achieve the final artwork. The majority of my work combines at least 2 different programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but quite often can also include some 3d rendering like the lens artwork above. Studio photography and product photography can also be provided as part of the illustration.

Contact me to discuss your technical illustration and Graphic Arts requirements.


More illustration examples

More projects viewable from the selection below and click here to view more of my illustrative work.