Engineering product photography

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Creating detailed and descriptive engineering product photography.

Engineering product photography – Case Study

The client wanted imagery that would compliment the message of a dealer network poster campaign showing customers how original manufacturer replacement parts were the economic and sensible way to go when maintaining their high end agricultural machinery. You basically get what you pay for!

The solution

We agreed on a high contrast style with emphasis on the different materials and overall quality. I approached the shoot and post processing just like a large piece of jewellery, carefully highlighting to emphasise the shape and textures of the surfaces.

Post-processing was cleaning away any dust and minor scratches picked out by the lens. It is incredible how macro photography exposes every blemish imperceptible to the naked eye!

The final images were used on several posters and the client was extremely happy with the result.

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Jewellery and lifestyle image retouching, before and after.

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I get asked a lot to enhance images including jewellery, here is a recent job where the jewellery piece needed defining and the whole shot needed some brightening and retouching.

RAW files were supplied and I was able to enhance the charm on the models wrist, enhance skin tones remove any imperfections and retain realistic skin texture.

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Here is a before and after:

Lifestyle_Jewellery_beforelifestyle and jewellery retouching (after)

Advertising product photography tutorial – liquid splash photography

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Advertising Product Photography Tutorial – liquid splash photography

How to Photograph Product With Water Splash: Creating a Dynamic Advertising Image.

water splash product photography andy mclaughlin tcistudio

It follows the whole process from concept through light set-up, camera settings, scene set-up, as well as some of the thought processes and through the final composition and retouching in Photoshop. I enjoyed creating it and I hope you find this advertising product photography tutorial useful maybe even inspire you to try this kind of technique in your photography.


Twitter divorce

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Bye bye Twitter, I am now Twitter-less… I don’t see any advantage to having something I don’t use or get any use out of and to be honest the recent press coverage highlighting the torrents of abuse people have suffered through Twitter has prompted me to hit delete on my Twitter account. Watch out Facebook you’re next… Full stop.

Action portraits, Personal trainers, David Lloyd Cambridge

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Just completed a series of action portraits for the David Lloyd Gym team for each trainers biography board in the gym.

Wasp macro photo

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Having been inundated lately with wasps around our soft fruit trees and invading the house, I thought this wasp that I found dead in the house would be a good macro focus stacking subject.

Focus stacking my wasp macro photograph

A focus stack of 10 images were made using focusing rails and a focus stack comparison using Photoshop CC and Helicon Focus stacking software, my opinion from my quick test is that Helicon Focus does a better job of handling the focus stacking using default settings. The problem with focus stacking in Photoshop is that there are no adjustment controls (that I know of anyway).

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was macro, focu stacking a micro subject

was macro, focu stacking a micro subject

‘Slam dunk smash shot’ Tennis action photography

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Here is a shot from my latest tennis action photography shoot with the tennis coaches of Cambridge David Lloyd tennis club.

The coaches needed new action shots for their biography board in the club, what a great chance to catch the athletes doing their thing!

This picture is Attila and his Slam dunk smash shot, hope you like it, shooting the action was a challenge but great fun and I think we’ve made some great images… more to follow when I’ve finished my post production.

slam dunk flash tennis action photography, Attila's hang time

An apple water splash photograph

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liquid photography

Here’s a crop of one shot from my latest liquid photography shoot, splashing water onto an apple creating interesting interactions shapes for a composit I’m working on. I will post more on the project as it develops (no pun intended!).

Flash duration is 1/6000th second, f20 1/200sec exp.

Water splash photography taster image

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Here’s a glimpse at my latest project where I’m working with high speed flash to freeze water splashes, the final result will be a series of creative and ‘refreshing’ beverage splash shots.

This detail shows the frozen water captured using a t1 time of 1/6000th second.

Creative liquid splash photography, combining quality liquid photography and product photography.

a tester image for forthcoming water splash creative photography project freezing splash with high speed flash and creative lighting andy mclaughlin

Stags head abstract water splash

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Here’s an image I crated by manipulating water splashes.

I was inspired by a trip to the Alps and an encounter with the trophies of a ‘Braconnier’ (poacher) the surface detail on the bones struck me as similar to the surface of the splashes. After experimenting with different shaped splashes this image evolved. I just enjoyed the creation and it’s been fun seeing what image people see in it, I was surprised at the different images it triggers for different people.

water splash skull liquid photography

50% crop of the ‘skull’ area….

water splash skull detail liquid photography