3d and photomontage sectional technical illustration of a Nikon lensRoad motorcycle helmet exploded technical illustration ©Andy McLaughlin

Helmet cutaway


3d technical illustration for Rockwell AutomationGardasoft LED lighting board and enclosure cross section by tcistudio

electric shower unit linework technical illustration

Diagrams created for BT Vision guide - Artist Andy McLaughlin - tcistudio

Nuvo moto-X MX helmet technical exploded illustration canon eos550d vector illustration top view vector illustration canon eos 550d SLR battery sectional technical illustration illustration-kawasaki-linework editorial-and-advertising-illustration-Domestic-and-General-house


technical and engineering illustrations for marketing, engineering and industry

technical illustration and Graphic Art, Nikon 2000mm lens

2000mm lens illustration



earthqauke proof bridge illustration for science uncovered magazine Andy McLaughlin tcistudio