Vector icons for LG


Icons reproduced as vector art in Adobe Illustrator.

These vector icons were created for large format prints on billboards and other large scale advertising mediums, the problem the advertising agency had was that the original artwork they had from LG were small .jpg (ie. pixel based) screenshots.

I was asked to recreate all of the LG smatphone icons in vector format so they could be scaled up to any size without loss of quality, they had to be an exact copy of the original icon and considering the size of the reference it was quite a challenge.

I created the vector icons artwork using Adobe Illustrator and illustrator’s ability to use blend modes like multiply and screen amongst others. This allowed me to recreate the look of the original LG icons whilst keeping the artworks completely vector based and so retaining the scalability of vector artwork.

I work with Adobe CS software, Adobe Illustrator to create vector artwork and for these vector icons. I have more vector and graphic artwork to view online here.

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