Tail fin artwork designed and produced for Luxair airlines


The brief

For this project I was asked to produce vector artwork of a rippled flag effect for the red white and blue tail fins on Luxair’s fleet of aircraft.

Aircraft types

There were 3 different types of aircraft in the Luxair fleet to receive the artwork; Boeing 737, De Havilland Q400 and Embraer ERJ 145. There were strict clearances to be taken into account around control surfaces and other important flight areas so each artwork had to be modified to accommodate these whilst still retaining the overall effect. A template of each of the available artwork areas was supplied by the client.

The solution

The final artwork was to be created by applying various sized dots of colour (min 5mm) in a halftone effect to create the illusion we required. I first created a continuous tone of graduated blends that described the flapping the client wanted, then I converted these to dots in a vector file so they could be plotted out onto the final materials ready to be applied to the tail fins.

By creating a continuous toned version first I was able to adjust and modify the effect to the clients taste as well as modify the final choice of artwork to fit each of the different sized and shaped tail fins from the three different aircraft.


This is one sample of my technical artwork, please contact me if you have a question about this project or you have a technical illustration or artwork requirement I can help with. Contact Andy McLaughlin.

Boeing 737 photograph reproduced with permission by Andreas Fietz see more of his photography here.

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