Product Photography

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High quality Product Photography

Use my high quality product photography to show off your products for print and online.

I produce high quality product images for all your marketing and display needs for print and online.

Specialising in highly detailed product shots, the care and creativity doesn’t stop there my post production skills are utilised to make the image perfect!

My post production includes removing the tiny imperfections, dust etc, so you get a perfect clean, beautiful image of your product.

Creativity doesn’t stop there

I also provide full artworking services for print and online use, including full creative compositing and retouching, talk to us about your requirements.

My graphic arts background gives you access to 20 years worth of creative illustration and creative retouching.

Here to help

For a costing or you have any questions please speak to Andy on 01223 894941, or email me here.

liquid photography and Graphic Art of Aspall Cyder bottle and apples with liquid splash product photography and lightpainting Andy McLaughlin tcistudio creative servicescreative product photography PR image by Andy McLaughlin tcistudio

jewellery photography diamond and platinum engagement ring jewellery photographer Andrew McLaughlin


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