Product photography – Salomon Impact 100CS


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The project:

Ski Boot product photography, a portfolio project.

After snowboarding for 12+ years, age and family have finally caught up with me and I have switched codes (for the foreseeable future), was it partly to do with the Techie looking boots? Maybe…

Anyway, I was shooting a jewellery project this week and had my new Salomon Impact 100cs ski boots in the studio, I couldn’t help but do some shots to show off these Jewell-like beauties. The boots are constructed of glossy black and transparent plastic so quite a lot of care was needed to create smooth gradients describing the shape of the toe and heal areas whilst avoiding hard lines to the reflected highlights.

The end result is a clean contrasty image that shows off the different materials and surfaces of the ski boot.

All cleaned and polished in post production.

Salomon Ski Boot Impact 100cs product photography and retouching

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