Liquid advertising photography – Aspall Cyder splash

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Aspall cider splash image by Andrew McLaughlin tcistudio photography and creative services

Liquid advertising photography

This liquid advertising photography project was created to showcase the qualities of the product and create an interesting and engaging image . I wanted to create an image that suggested clarity, purity and crispness. My high speed flash technique employed in this project was perfect for this, freezing the water splashes with no motion-blur, revealing beautiful details in the water.

TCIStudio specialises in splash photography and freezing dynamic action for advertising, pack shot and marketing images. Please call or email Andy to discuss your requirements and for a no-obligation quote.

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liquid photography close-up detail of the Aspall water splash and apple detail from our Aspall Cyder image liquid photography and Graphic Art of Aspall Cyder bottle and apples with liquid splash liquid photography


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