Sunset field – Hadstock Essex UK

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An HDR image composed from 5 exposures to capture the light and detail in the whole scene.


Blue sky – Hadstock airfield

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Low light photograph taken near Hadstock, Essex.

Gate and tree after dark, Hadstock Airfield, Essex

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This image was created from a night shoot on Hadstock Airfield, Essex. The image is very close to the original exposure (around 4 minutes), I’ve just dodged in some areas and retouched a little to reduce slight noise in the sky then applied some curves adjustment to enhance contrast where needed. I wanted the tree and gate on first glance to look silhouetted against the sky, and the lights to form a focal point in the distance helping to separate the serene still foreground from the activity of the road and distant grain store.

It was a still warm early summer evening and I’m happy that the image recreates the mood and atmosphere I experienced that evening.

Bottle advertising shot

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Shot in my studio, this project was designed to show several areas of creative photography and retouching.

How it was done – Firstly, photographing a shiny glass surface and illuminating the contents is quite a tricky task and capturing this was done in a single exposure. Then the battle was shot with the same lighting and the water mist was sprayed whilst shooting. High speed flash has been used to capture detail in the tiny water droplets and give them some shape.

Post production has cleaned imperfections that you just can’t see until you view a 26megapixel image at 100%. Retouching the cap detail cleaned that up, as well as having to add the neck detail from another exposure as the labels were not perfectly aligned on the actual bottle.

General noise reduction as well as local contrast enhancements and selective sharpening finish of the punchy look.

Attila tennis action portrait

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The tension in the muscles and the lines in the clothing drew me to retouch these images in this high contrast style. I think the nature of the flash used emphasises this as well.

I have read how some professional tennis players find it an incredibly lonely sport, and I tried to create this feeling by placing the player in a ‘spotlight’. I wanted to re-create the sense of tension, power and mental focus.

Oli high contrast tennis action

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A high contrast retouching style applied to this action portrait of Oli, lead coach at Cambridge David Lloyd tennis centre.

Tennis coach action portrait

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I was asked to create some action shots of the tennis coaches at the David Lloyd health club Cambridge. They have a wall with info on each coach and they wanted me to capture a new action shot and headshot for the wall.

Retouching jewelry image

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image of model wearing fanfare necklace from the Cornerstone range by Paul Spurgeon design

Retouched Cornerstone jewelry image showing the Fanfare necklace

The original source image of the models displaying some of Paul Spurgeon’s ‘Cornerstone’ jewelry was to be made into a display image for promotional purposes.

Original catwalk image

Original image – The second model was to be removed and the background smoothed out, as well as correcting the exposure and contrast.

The sequins needed removing from the neckline on the original image and a general balance and clean-up.

Details of the before and after can be seen in the final two images below.


After retouching


Photographing stained glass

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I wanted to capture the saturated and beautiful colours you get in stained glass with this shoot but I also wanted to show some of the surface detail as well, the leading and soldered joints, as this adds interest and texture.

Essentially it’s a HDR image created in Photoshop by blending several exposures together to show the detail on the face of the panel without losing the qualities of the back-lit glass.

All the panels were shot in the studio apart from the vintage car panel which is huge, and heavy! 1.5 meters square to be precise, this was shot in the makers workshop at Ketton Stained Glass in Hadstock in-between Cambridge and Saffron Walden.


Handmade pen – product shoot and retouch

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This product shot is of a handmade pen turned on a woodcarving lathe from a colourful arcrylic.

To make sure the pen was absolutely sharp from front to back I focus stacked 6 images. Then the image has gone through my normal cleaning and retouching process to achieve the final result.