Free water splash wallpaper images

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Water splash wallpaper – Just had the studio completely covered in plastic whilst experimenting with freezing water in motion, very interesting and creative results! (more…)

My first wild Otter – Scottish Borders

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On a recent visit to the Scottish Borders I was privileged to see an Otter in the wild for the first time.

More amazing was the fact that I had my camera with me (I would have loved it if I’d had my 70-200mm instead of my 24-70mm but you can’t have everything!).

It jumped out of the churning river and proceeded to eat it’s catch before slipping back into the water, jump out again and survey the river, back in again and swim off downstream – it was a special moment.

Here’s what I caught…


Water splash capturing the ‘crown’ with high speed flash

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This kind of photography has always fascinated me, capturing a split second (1/15000 sec in this image to be precise) of action like this water splash is both beautiful and tough to capture, but when you do it, exposes the hidden beauty of an incredible simple thing, just a single drop of water splashing into a shallow pool.

The actual splash is created by a single drop of water from a pipet approximately 30cm above a shallow pool I created using a shallow lid from a plastic container. The actual splash is aprox 20mm wide and so brief it takes quite a few shots to get your timing right to start capturing the moment, but when you do it starts to reveal some jewel like images.

Image details

100mm @ f18, flash duration aprox 1/15000 sec

Inside St Mary’s church Saffron Walden HDR image

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I really stumbled across the view here inside St Mary’s church Saffron Walden, there is a huge amount of detail in the screen and stonework as well as the stained glass window above the altar so I wanted to capture as much of the detail and atmosphere as possible.

Andy McLaughlin – HDR photographer – HDR photography

Bindweed flower and insects – macro photographs

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Got some stunning images yesterday photographing Bindweed flowers in my garden. The flowers are incredible when you look at them close-up, I was shooting with my 100mm macro lens and caught beautiful detail in the petals as well as some closeup details of their visitors!


Download the original photograph to print yourself

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I have made the original photographs available to download from the David Lloyd children’s Tennis Extravaganza for those of you who prefer to print them yourself.

They are available now at a special reduced price of £24 this includes the non-commercial use licence.

Images are .jpg,  sRGB and aprox. 18mb each.

Access them through the shopping cart in each gallery.

Images will be available until Sunday 19th Aug 2012.

David Lloyd Tennis photos – Galleries now available

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I have sent out an email containing the link to the galleries of photographs from the Tennis Extravaganza, David Lloyd on Friday 13th July.

if you haven’t received it yet please email me and I will send you your link and password.

Please do take a look, they look great.
Images will be available until Sunday 19th Aug 2012.

David Lloyd Tennis Extravaganza photos

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How to access the images…

An email containing a link to an online shared gallery will be sent to the email address supplied on the night.

(Contact emails have now been sent out, if you haven’t received one please email me).


Inside this shared gallery will be individual password protected galleries for each child.

In order to access the pictures in your child’s gallery please reply to the email from the same email address and enter: David Lloyd photos and Your Surname in the subject field I will send you an email with your password to access your gallery.

Click on your child’s gallery and enter your password when prompted to gain access.

Purchasing prints and other photo products

Purchase of prints is done securely online from inside the gallery.

If you wish to buy any of the pictures click the ‘buy’ button and you will access the cart where you can select the product and size.

Here are some links to show you the available products:

  1. Standard Photo Prints – High quality lustre finish professionally printed photo prints
  2. Canvas Prints
  3. Desktop Encapsulated Prints – ‘Glacier Block’ – Designed for desktop and shelf presentation.
  4. Edge prints – The Edge Print is a wall mounted product giving a contemporary and stylish look.
  5. Box framed – The Box Frame offers a contemporary option for your photograph in a choice of moulding colours.
  6. Downloads* – You may wish to print pictures yourself. You can purchase and download the original full size image with a personal use licence.
All prints and finishing options are supplied by Loxley Colour, one of the best photo printers in the Country.
Any watermarks will only be visible on screen and will not appear on the final printed image.
* The images colour profile is created specifically to print with the pro photo lab Loxley Colour, I cannot guarantee that the colours will reproduce properly on other equipment and you may need to colour profile the images to suit your chosen photo printer. I cannot supply images with colour profiles differing from my originals. The personal use licence allows non commercial reproducing from the original image.

Extravaganza quick update

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Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with the children’s tennis skills on Friday, they were exceedingly well behaved and I was impressed by their focus (no pun intended!) and I hope they enjoyed their photoshoot.

I have captured certificate shots and action shots to choose from and I intend to get these into the galleries this week – I will email as soon as they are available.

There will be the option to buy prints of the pictures as well as being able to select from different display options.

I appreciate you may want to print your image choices yourself, so a hi-res download purchase will also be available*.

If you have any questions please drop me an email.

Many thanks

Andy McLaughlin

*Please bear in mind that the images will be colour corrected to print accurately on the professional photo labs equipment (specific sRGB profile) and colour correction may be needed for the colours to print correctly on your chosen photo printer. Colour profiles vary so much from device to device I cannot supply specifically adjusted images for downloads.

Roadside at night

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A night shot taken as a bit of an exercise but I loved the detail captured in the foreground. Retouched with curve adjustments.